Non Member Access

Entities who do not qualify to become members in the CLNPC may still apply for authorization to access Canadian NPAC data


The CRTC limits access to the Canadian NPAC to entities obliged to participate in number portability in Canada and others who satisfy criteria established by the members of the CLNPC, to protect their data and to ensure that this data is accessed only by entities who intend to use it for the benefit of those members and their customers.

Apply for Authorized Access

Canadian NPAC data cannot be used in delivery or support for unsolicited telecommunications and cannot be re-distributed without express authorization

Complete and submit the Application Form

Help us to assess your application:

  • Provide a clear example of how the data will be used and by whom
  • Provide a clear description of how you plan to access the data

Application Process

  1. On receipt, CLNPC Management will assess your request and may contact you for further information. This process generally takes 10-12 business days.
  2. At the close of the review period, and provided there are no unresolved questions or objections about the application, the CLNPC will provide a standard form of agreement for your review and signature.
  3. Access will be authorized upon receipt of your signed agreement, and payment of the admin fees.

Application Form

Please complete and submit the Application Form. The information which you provide will allow us to get to know you and your intended use of Canadian portability corrected data.

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